Gleb Stepanov - Violoncello

Gleb Stepanov Hauskonzert Feldberg

11 StepanovMerloGleb Stepanov stammt aus Sankt Petersburg. Seine musikalische Ausbildung erhielt er in seiner Heimatstadt und später am weltberühmten Tschaikowski Konservatorium in Moskau. Als Lehrer hat er bereits Meisterklassen in vielen Ländern unterrichtet. Auftritte als Solist, u.a. in Italien, Frankreich, Holland und den USA.

Ausführlichere Biographie auf Englisch:
Born in Leningrad, he studied in Saint Petersburg Music School under the direction of I. Bogdanovich (student of M. Yampolsky and S. Kozolupov), and in Moscow Central Music School in the class of Artist of the People l. Evgrafov. After graduating he was admitted to Moscow State Conservatory "Tchaikovsky" in the class of Artist of the people N.Gutman. Currently he is her assistant. During his studies in Conservatory he won some international competitions, he took part in international festivals, he was supported by the Fond Rostropovich, and he was performing for the international Gilels-Kogan project. He performs in the most prestigious halls in Moscow such as Great, Small, and Rachmaninov Halls at Moscow Conservatory, At the Concert Hall "Tchaikovsky", in the Hall of Jesust Christ the Saviour's. He performed as well in Saint Petersburg, and in many other towns from Sevastopol to Vladivostok. He performed as well in foreign countries such as Austria, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Holland, Azerbaijan and others. He performs as a soloist with various symphonic and chamber orchestras in Moscow, and in his repertory there are more than 30 compositions for cello and orchestra. His chamber music partners include I. Bochkova, M. Gambarian, M. Voskressensky, V. Skanavi, V. Korobov, A. Schmitov. He taught masterclasses in Spain, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan and in Russia. From 2008 to 2011 he performed for the a Moscow Conservatory Concert Season, the integral of Beethoven Piano Trios and Cello Sonatas, Schumann Chamber Music, and "Chamber music in the mirror of time" a project of N. Gutman, E. Virsaladze and I. Kandinskaya. He is the artistic director of the Music Festival of Crimea.